We are accountants, bookkeepers and payroll experts who have extensive knowledge in all areas of a business. Areas that make a business compliant, competitive and collaborative.

Our Services

Professional Accounting

Payroll &  Business Compliance Services

For Simplified, Reliable and Relevant Accounting Services

Accounting Services

  • Bookkeeping to Balance Sheet
    • This includes all accounting transactions including, accruals, prepayments, cashbooks and interest
  • Reconciliations of all Balance sheet accounts
    • We reconcile and report on any discrepancies in regards to a balance sheet account, therefore ensuring that all liabilities, assets and equity transactions are allocated correctly
  • Creditors and Debtors Reconciliations
    • This includes customer invoicing and capturing of all supplier invoices
  • VAT Calculations and Submissions
    • A full VAT to Turnover reconciliation is performed in order to ensure that all input and output VAT was allocated accurately
  • Full Asset Maintenance and Control
    • This includes asset acquisition transactions, monthly depreciation and maintenance of the Fixed Asset Register
  • Management Accounts
  • Cash Flow Forecast and Projections
  • Audited Financial Statements

Payroll Services

  • Monthly and Weekly Payroll Processing
    • Including all deductions, salary adjustments and bonus payments
  • Leave policy maintenance and control
    • Capturing leave in relation to the company’s leave policies
    • Keeping leave records up to date
  • Payroll and Accounting Integration
    • Processing payroll through the accounting system ensuring that all salary related expenses have accurately been reported
  • Return of Earnings Annual Submission
  • Annual Employment Equity Reporting
  • Monthly UIF Declaration Submission
  • Monthly EMP201 Declaration and Submission
  • Bi-annual EMP501 and Employer Reconciliation
  • Internal Payroll reports

Business Compliance

  • Registering of new entities
    • This service includes keeping all CIPC records up to date
  • iXBRL Software solutions
    • We sell the license software to enable users to convert the Audited Financial Statements into iXBRL format
    • This only applies to qualifying entities
  • Audited Financial Statement Conversions for Qualifying Business Entities
    • Why increase your overheads by hiring a new auxiliary staff member to perform a task that is required once a year, when you can outsource the conversion function to us.
  • Annual Returns

For accountants, bookkeepers and payroll experts who have extensive knowledge in all areas of a business.